Insulating glass is two (or three) glass, using high strength and high air-tightness composite binder, glass and aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant bonding, made of high-efficiency sound insulation glass.

Insulating glass is mainly used in buildings which need heating, air conditioning, noise or dew prevention, and need no direct sunlight and special light. Widely used in residential, hotels, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops and other indoor air-conditioning needs occasions. It can also be used for doors and windows of trains, automobiles, ships, refrigerated cabinets, etc.

Suitable application scene

  • Doors and windows for cars
    Doors and windows for trains
  • Doors and windows for ships

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Function and advantages of Insulating glass

Keep warm

Anti condensation  

High noise insulation  

Beautiful appearance

Good insulation effect.

Good optical performance

High wind pressure resistance

Energy saving and environmental protection

How to judge the quality of insulating glass?

  • 1. Whether the glass is sealed or not, good quality insulating glass uses silicone sealant for insulating glass, poor quality uses adhesive tape.

    2. Test the sound insulation of insulating glass, and the sound insulation effect is excellent.

    3. Check whether there are aluminium spacers between the insulating glass. Good aluminium strips have smooth appearance, no chromatic aberration, firm welding and even perforation.

    4.The glass has no air bubbles, is flat, and does not exhibit deformation. It is a qualified glass.

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