Energy saving effect of molecular sieve

08, 2020

by oyade

What is molecular sieve?

    Insualating glass molecular sieve is a kind of crystalline aluminosilicate mineral pellets, mainly used for drying air in double-layer glass interlayer.
Insulating glass molecular sieves can simultaneously adsorb moisture and residual organic matter in the insulating glass, so that the insulating glass remains clean and transparent even at very low temperatures, and at the same time, it can fully reduce the strong internal and external pressure difference that the insulating glass bears due to the huge changes in seasonal and day-night temperature differences. Insualting glass molecular sieve also solves the problem of distortion and breakage caused by the expansion or contraction of insulating glass, and extends the service life of insulating glass.

It can be said that the quality of molecular sieve also largely determines the performance and life of the insulating glass.

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What are the roles of molecular sieve in the manufacture and installation of insulating glass?

1) Absorb the moisture in the insulating glass and dry it.
2) Anti-coagulation cream.
3) Clean. The amount of floating dust in the adsorbed air (under the action of water) is very low.
4) Protect environment. It can be recycled, is not harmful to the environment, and can be processed and reused.
5) Save energy. It is used for insulating glass, and it is reasonably matched with insulating glass aluminum spacer, sealant, etc. to ensure the energy-saving effect of insulating glass.


The principle of molecular sieve

The reason why molecular sieves are irreplaceable and excellent in insulating glass materials is mainly determined by its performance.
Molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate compound with cubic lattice. It is mainly composed of silicon and aluminum connected by oxygen bridges to form an empty framework structure. There are many pores with uniform pore size and cavities with neat arrangement and large internal surface area in the structure.
In addition, it also contains metal ions with lower electricity prices and larger ion radius and water in a combined state.

Because water molecules are continuously lost after heating, the structure of the crystal skeleton remains unchanged, and many cavities of the same size are formed. The cavities are connected by many micropores with the same diameter. These tiny pores are of uniform diameter and can be compared to the pores. Molecules with small diameters are adsorbed into the inside of the pores, while molecules larger than the pores are excluded. Therefore, molecules with different shapes and sizes, molecules with different polarities, molecules with different boiling points, and molecules with different saturation levels can be separated. It has the function of "sieving" molecules, so it is called molecular sieve.

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