If Insulating glass belongs to Safety Glass?

12, 2018


Glass has been widely used in modern times and is always in great demand in the market.Through the use of specific processing techniques, we can make full use of the characteristics of glass, but also to make up for its defects, no longer subject to the natural properties of glass.Next, we will introduce the types of safety glass and explain whether insulating glass belongs to safety glass.

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1. The Definition of safety glass


Safety glass is a kind of glass that is not broken by violent vibration or impact, even if broken, it is not easy to hurt people;This kind of glass is used in the Windows and doors of cars, airplanes and all kinds of buildings.Building safety glass, which can withstand the 10 km/h hurricane debris mixed with the attack, the main glass structure of modern buildings has a special significance.Common types of safety glass include laminated glass, tempered glass, etc. Among them, laminated glass, as a new technology, has been included in the national "eleventh five-year" promotion project.


2. The Classification of insulating glass


The main varieties of safety glass are: toughened glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, anti-theft glass, fireproof glass, wire glass and protective glass and coated glass.Among them, film mounted glass has the functions of tempered glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, burglar proof glass, fireproof glass, wire glass and protective glass. It is a new type of building material.



3. The definition of Insulating glass


Insulating glass is a product with two or more pieces of glass evenly separated and sealed by surrounding adhesion to effectively support so as to form a dry gas space between glass layers. Its main materials are glass, aluminum spacer, plastic corner, butyl sealant, silicone sealant and desiccant.


 In conclusion, If the glass sheet for insulating glass is not specific processed, the insulating glass will not be safety glass.


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