Perfect insulating glass needs high quality butyl sealant and two component silicone sealant

12, 2020


High quality insulating glass should have the best energy saving effect and the longest sealing durability at the same time.


What properties do insulating glass sealing sealants need to have?

Performance requirements for insulating glass sealants:

1. Moisture transmittance.

2. Inert gas retention capacity.

3. Uv resistance.

4. High temperature resistance.

5. Low temperature resistance.

6. Adhesion property.

7. Resistance to various solvents and plasticizers


Now what are the commonly used sealants?

1. Hot melt butyl sealant.

2. Polyisobutylene.

3. Polysulfide sealant

4. Polyurethane.

5. Silicone sealant.

6. Full-dimensional high rubber strip.


It is almost impossible to make perfect insulating glass with one type of sealing sealant. In this case, the double seal process was invented in the 1970s. Insulating glass began to be mechanized and automated in industrial production, and its output developed rapidly with the improvement of industrial and building energy conservation requirements. At this stage, we are using this double seal process to produce insulating glass.


And the most commonly used sealing materials? 

One sealing material uses hot melt butyl sealant, two sealing material uses silicone sealant. The advantages of butyl sealant lie in its low water vapor transmission rate and strong retention ability of inert gas, but its disadvantages lie in its poor bonding performance and resistance to various solvents and plasticizers.


However, silicone sealant is almost exactly opposite to butyl sealant in performance. Its disadvantages lie in its high water vapor transmission rate and poor retention ability of inert gas, but its advantages lie in its bond performance, strong resistance to various solvents and plasticizers. In this way, silicone sealant just can provide good external protection for butyl sealant. This provides an almost perfect sealing solution for insulating glass.


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