Several problems in the production of insulating glass washing

12, 2020

by oyade

(1) Pre-spray that is easy to be ignored

Whether horizontal or vertical cleaning is used, the pre-spray device is a very important and easily overlooked place. Most of the pre-spraying devices set up by domestic washing machine manufacturers are using the method of drilling holes on stainless steel pipes. In fact, the water spray pressure and water spray volume of this method are not enough.

The function of pre-spraying is mainly used to remove the floating dust and dirt on the glass surface. If the water spray pressure and the amount of water spray cannot be reached, the glass surface cannot be cleaned effectively, thereby making the glass surface dirty The glass enters the washing machine and pollutes the roller brush and water tank.HTB1GQROPpXXXXXAaXXX760XFXXXV.png_(1).jpg

(2)Regular maintenance of roller brush

The key part of glass cleaning is the roller brush part of the cleaning machine, which is very important for regular maintenance of the roller brush.Dust, grease, and glue on the glass lining can easily Pierce the bristles of the roller brush, and some may be hidden at the root of the bristles.If not cleaned in time, it will contaminate the cleaned glass surface.Especially for the offline LOW-E glass cleaning machine, pay attention to the regular maintenance of the roller brush.High pressure water gun can be used for washing during maintenance.In addition, some vertical cleaning machine in the long-term use, the lower part of the roller damage faster than the upper roller, also need to repair.air knife.png

(3)Relearn the cleaning water

The quality of cleaning water is directly related to the result of cleaning.It is not acceptable to use tap water, well water or plain water to clean glass.Because tap water especially well water contains a large number of calcium, magnesium, chlorine plasma, when these ions adhere to the glass surface, will affect the butyl sealant, secondary sealant and glass surface bond quality, thereby affecting the insulating glass sealing life, easy to lead to sealing failure.Ordinary water purification only filters out the granular impurities in the water, can not remove the ions in the water.

The cleaning water for insulating glass should be deionized water with conductivity less than 20gS/cm after being treated by water treatment equipment with deionizing function.If the processing of off-line tempered Low - E insulating glass, cleaning water requirements are more stringent.The water in the water tank of the cleaning machine should be changed frequently to keep it clean.Remove sediment from the tank when changing water to prevent the tank's supply pump from bringing the sediment to the roller brush.

The washing water of insulating glass is strictly prohibited to use detergent.In addition, from the point of view of economy, the reuse technology of insulating glass cleaning water is worth popularizing.


(4)Noteworthy design and maintenance of air knife

There are a lot of domestic glass cleaning machine after cleaning the glass, its air knife can not completely blow the glass surface of water, especially when the speed of the cleaning machine is faster, more obvious.This is mainly about the design, manufacture and installation of the glass washer air knife.The key factors are the structure of the air knife, the Angle between the air knife and the glass, and the size of the air knife.In addition, the fan inlet filter should be cleaned in a timely manner, once the dust into the fan will be difficult to completely clean up, after the air knife blowing with water on the glass surface, will cause water marks on the glass surface.

In the process of insulating glass production, it is necessary to check the cleaning effect of glass frequently.A simple and recommended method is the ha-mark method, which visually shows the cleanliness of the glass surface.

For sun-controlled film insulating glass and low-E insulating glass, surface cleaning is more important, because such glass can show water stains and stains more easily than ordinary white glass, affecting the appearance of insulating glass.



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