The advantages of bending high frequency welding aluminium spacer bar

01, 2019

by Julia

1. Production technology: Bending high frequency welding hollow aluminium spacer bar is made by using anhydrous recycling German technology and high frequency welding after calendering with aluminium strip,production of environmental protection is the national recommended production equipment.

2. Material: Select high-quality anti-corrosive alloy aluminium, wall thickness is 0.35mm, quality plays a sure guarantee!

3. Advantages:

(1)It is non-oxidizing and non-corrosive; it is not easy to oxidize even in rain-prone areas or humid areas, and it will not corrode. Naturally, insulating glass will last a long time.  

(2) High surface brightness, neatness and smoothness, no bump.  

(3) Eliminate welding defects, double row openings, uniform hole penetration, good straightness.  

(4) It has no effect on desiccants and ensures the activity of molecular sieves, and has excellent adhesion with various adhesives.

(5)High strength, good toughness, no deformation and stable size.

(6)Bending high frequency hollow aluminium spacer bar in the installation and use process through continuous bending, conveniently eliminates the root cause of four corner leakage, the aluminium frame forming standard is unchanged, the glass laminates are more convenient, the reliability of the insulating glass produced is high, the quality of the hollow glass products will not be affected by four corner leakage, thus prolonging the service life of the insulating glass.


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