The fogging of insulating glass

08, 2020


The causes of fogging of insulating glass are as follows:


During the installation of insulating glass, due to the poor installation process, the silicone sealant cracks after a certain period of time, resulting in water vapor entering the inter layer of insulating glass.



During the installation of insulating glass, because the water tank inside is not installed properly, the water surface of the water tank is higher than the profile, which causes the water flow into the inter layer of the insulating glass, and the water vapor forms fog under the sunlight.



During the installation of insulating glass, if there is a gap between the partition bar and the edge of the glass when pasting, and there is a gap when pasting, then the rain water will be absorbed to the double-layer glass when contacting with rainwater.



When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, if the indoor air humidity is too large, the phenomenon of insulating glass fogging will occur.



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