Thanksgiving Day is coming,what would our staff like to say to our customers?

11, 2020

by oyade

The families of OYADE have something to say to our clients

Order from me

My colleagues are very tired

I'm not afraid to be tired

Thanks for your past precious support

Each of your orders

We will take care of it seriously

I want to say thanks to our customers

Thanks for believing in me

Gratituding each customer 

who have communicated with me patiently

Thanks for every opportunity you gave me

Thanks for your recognition of our daily service

Thanks for your support


Thanks for meeting OYADE

Also thank every customer 

I met in OYADE and taught us how to grow

Be thankful for finding our true self in OYADE  

In OYADE we own the firm goal ideal

To achieve what we want                   

Thanks for all these years of cooperation

Thanks for your firm choice of us          


In one word

Thanks for trusting every customer and friend         

We will still stick to our original heart

Serve you wholeheartedly

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