The introduction of OYADE Warehouse

10, 2020

by oyade

Recently, many friends want to know more about our work area.

Today we are going to reveal it.

OYADE Over 60000 square meters of production base

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This is our warehouse

OYADE new building material has 3 core products

Now we have 16 international advanced aluminum spacer bar production line.

All adopt German craft technology to produce

The daily production capacity is over 1000 units

Can be customized according to customer requirements

From 4A to 40A can be produced

Plastic corner, steel plug in, molecular sieve

One-stop complete fitting

4 intelligent full automatic silicone sealant production lines

The daily production capacity is over 600sets

All raw materials are from famous suppliers,such as Dongyue

Every step from the purchase of raw materials to the output of finished products

has gone through strict quality inspection

ensure the stability of the product

At present has 2 butyl sealant intelligent production lines

the daily production capacity is over 8tons

the production sizes has 120 160 and 180

can meet the different needs of customers

In addition, we have a r&d team of more than 20 people

Real-time analysis and testing of product quality and quantity

A production team of over 300 people

assembly line work

ensure production capacity and on time delivery

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